Join us Monday, March 23 at 7 PM for Radio Theatre Live! 
TROUBLE (yes, with all capital T’s!) is the theme, starting with Trouble at the Supermarket.
 A simple trip to the supermarket in a tropical tourist town, jinxed with miscommunication and bad luck, turns into a comic misadventure. RTP favorites Rich and Mimi Rice are back from their vacation to play this couple on vacation.
 Bride on the Rocks features a jilted bride (Lisa Powers Tricomi), still in her wedding dress, drowning her troubles with the help of a very sympathetic bartender.
 In Contract Removals, a woman wants to hire someone to remove something troublesome, but does she want a mover or a hitman? 
And, of course, trouble never ends in The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin, Cabaret Detective. The only question is what kind of new troubles will Noel and his sidekicks find this month? 
 $10 admission. 727-895-6620. 620-1st Ave. South, St. Petersburg. 
Plus mark these 2015 dates on your calendar: Apr. 27, and May 18!
To learn more visit RTP Live! at www.radiotheatreproject.org.
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