Catching up – seasons 9 and 10

We’ve been a touch neglectful in getting our performance updates posted. To catch up on the last couple of seasons (we just completed our 10th season!), here’s what we’ve been up to:

Monday, May 20, 2019 7 PM

It’s the last Radio Theatre Show of the season, so we’re going out with several plays about partings, voluntary and otherwise. “Paint Me Dead” written by Patti Cassidy is a sexy and surprising noir take on the Dorian Gray story. RTP favorite Donald Loftus has another delightful play this month – “Maid to Measure” – about one man’s very modern solution to an unhappy marriage. Jo Morello’s “Hot Miss Lil and Little Louis” imagines a conversation between Louis Armstrong and his first wife, and features Bob Devin Jones. And just for fun, the evening and season will conclude with a comical feminist rant from Captain Marvel in “You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right to Potty”, written by Robert O’Connell.

Monday, April 29, 2019 7 PM

Oh Mother!
With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Radio Theatre Live starts off the evening with a tribute to motherhood and 3 short plays. “Learning to Fly” by Leon Kalayjian, Grams exposes her wild side to the younger generations. Donald Loftus tells a melancholy tale of lingering motherly love in “Eddie and Edna”, and Bara Swain’s “Can You Hear Me Now?” brings humor and pathos to a mother and daughter’s relationship, and the sandwich generation’s struggle.

The second half of the show is a light-hearted murder mystery as 2 wily characters in a morgue examine the evidence over tea. “Tea at the Morgue” is written by David Steven Rappoport.

Monday, March 25, 2019. at 7 PM.

Murder and Mystery!
That’s the theme of this month’s Radio Theatre Project

Donald Loftus presents “The Brother’s Grin” about one brother’s suspicious stash placed with his other brother. “Character Assassination” by Robert O’Connell portrays a detective who’s out to reveal the real mystery behind a successful mystery writer. Author Eva C. Schegulla brings the radio theatre audience another delightful cast of characters set in the early 20th Century with “Horace House Hauntings”.
Our troupe of radio players presents short plays complete with live foley (sound effects). With the RTP season ending in May, there are only a few performances left for the season, so you’ll want to attend each and every one!

Monday, Feb. 25, 7 PM

The thrills continue in February with
our fabulous Radio Theatre Players in full force!
This month Radio Theatre Project and The Studio@620 present 4 original short plays that bring a range of emotions, from terror to melancholy, with plenty in between. Foley Master Matt Cowley has written a tale of subterfuge and mystery in Annabelle and the Train. Marilyn Comes to Niagara Falls by Alan Barkley portrays an emotional “what if” encounter between the star and a conflicted English war bride during the 1952 filming of “Niagara”. Tattoo, A Tale of Terror by Greg Burdick is a psychological thriller set in a scary tattoo parlor, and Leon Kaye’s More Pasta has a wry but sweet take a mother’s remorse in the age of eating healthy. TIckets $15.

Monday, Jan. 28, 2019 at 7 PM.

Since we keep hearing that it’s The Year of the Woman,

The Radio Theatre Project is starting off 2019 with 3 women-centric plays, beginning with an adaptation of the 50’s cult sci-fi classic, “Attack of the 50-foot Woman”, by Mack Hays. The lesson, of course, is don’t mess with women!

Then in Patti Cassidy’s touching “Litany, A Radio Play”, a scholarly woman copes with her aging memory and a generational divide.

Finally, former TBT writer and editor Janet Keeler offers a hilarious tete-a-tete between a woman and her bathroom scale in “Elephant in the Room”.

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018 7 PM

If ever there was a time to believe in our better angels, RTP presents The Bishop’s Wife for the holidays.
When a bishop prays for divine guidance, a charming angel in human form enters the lives of the bishop and his wife.
This Lux Radio Theatre classic is based on the 1947 film. Lisa Tricomi and Eric Davis play the title characters, along with Dean Wick and the Radio Theatre ensemble. Foley Artist Matt Cowley will again create magic with his bag of tricks.

Monday, Nov. 26, 2018 at 7 PM

November Radio Theatre at the Studio@620

Presents a bounty of treasures

The evening will start with a tribute to the late Ron Satlof. He was a founding member of the radio theatre, and came to Florida after a long and distinguished career producing and directing in Hollywood.

Then we’ll skip across the pond for a delightful post WWI story set in a London boarding house. “Let’s Dance” by Jane Walker has suspense, romance, and lots of charm.

In “H.R.” by Ann Magaha, 2 English professors use a clever war of words to confound the university’s bureaucracy and an arrogant young department chair.

And just when you thought the season of fright was over, there’s more with Kevin Scott Chess’s “Husband of the Cat Lady”. A couple moves into a very old house filled with feline history and mystery.

May 20, 2018

Light Behind the Eyes by Eva C. Schegulla
The Unflappable Milkman by Tor
Uniforms by Jack McCleland

Monday, April 23 2018 at 7 PM

The Radio Theatre Project presents
2 new radio plays – Nothing But the Truth by by Eve Lederman, and
The Silver Star by Alan Barkley and LInda Barkley.

Nothing But the Truth portrays the relationship between patient and therapist, and challenges the listeners’ vacillating allegiance as the story unfolds. This harrowing legal and psychological drama reveals the challenges of therapy, and the blurry line between obsession and love.

The show concludes with The Silver Star, a surprising tale of feminism and justice on a pig farm in the Wild West.

Colleen Cherry and Lisa Tricomi return for special guest appearances.

Monday, March 26 2018 at 7 PM

March Radio Theatre Project dives into some sobering topics. “Grand Dragon in Power” by Donald E. Baker is based on a real Indiana Grand Dragon in the 20’s, with disturbing parallels to today. “White Cop/Black Kid” by Thom Molyneaux is the straightforward testimony of a New York City policeman on trial for killing an unarmed black teenager. The trial and his testimony raise the questions you might expect, but give answers that might surprise you. With so much to ponder, RTP promises to leave you smiling with the quirky humor of playwright and Foley Master, Matt Cowley.

Monday, Feb. 19 2018 at 7 PM at The Studio@620

February Radio Theatre Project will put you in the mood for love, or something like it, with original new plays.”Blind Date” by Rollin Jewett is a charming tale of mistaken identity. Roy Proctor returns with 2 plays, riffs of classic tales by O. Henry and Chekhov, “While the Auto Waits” and “Slaphappy”. Another O. Henry like story comes from Peter Zachary Cohen in “Valentine’s Incident or The Gifted Proprietor”.

James Rayfield’s wry humor shines in “Grip Top”, and “Rage Against the Machine” by Jack Gilhooley is oddball story of romance featuring a hooker, a robot and a lawyer.

Monday, Jan 22, 2018 at 7 PM at TheStudio@620.

“Pests in the House”, by NIcholas Penrake is a tale of bed bugs and murder. “To Mr. Wilson, c/o Shapiro & Gold” by Aleks Merilo takes an eerie look at student/teacher relationships and their consequences. Noel Berlin is still missing, but humorist Matt Cowley presents “Irving Coward, Detective at Large”, and “Look Alive” by Bara Swain will keep you laughing. The RTP Ensemble is joined by some favorite guest actors, including Lisa Tricomi, Colleen Cherry and Jim Sorensen.

Monday, Dec. 18 2017 at 7 PM

The Radio Theatre Project at TheStudio@620 presents Preston Sturges’ classic, comic love story, Remember the Night. A NY prosecutor gets stuck taking a hardened thief home to his Midwestern farm family for a country Chistmas. The RTP ensemble will tell this hilarious tale, with special guests Lisa Powers Tricomi, Christopher Rutherford, and John Huls, along with Matt Cowley at the foley table and Paul Wilborn on piano.

It’s a yuletide fire to warm your heart.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Join us for another night of Live Radio Theatre. Our post-Thanksgiving show features original scripts about family and relationships, starting with a funny look at a strange marriage in Not Here Yet, by William Ivor Fowlkes. The Secret Keeper by David Meyers is a a beautiful story about forgiveness, and Michael Downend’s High Thin Cirrus takes a sweet, whimsical look at aging. Colleen Cherry will top off the evening with the tasty tidbit, Choose the Right Cake, by Matt Cowley.

Monday, Oct. 23, 2017

The Radio Theatre Project will kick off Season 9 with a Spooky Funraiser at The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg Monday, Oct. 23, at 7 PM. Joining the fun and RTP acting ensemble is special guest, WTSP 10News Meteorologist Ashley Batey. Twisted Tales of Poe, The Radio Play, adapted from the stories of Edgar Allen Poe by Philip Grecian, will be performed. And if Poe doesn’t creep you out, this treat from Elizabeth Gelman, The Blackout, will definitely do the trick.