Season 7. . . 2015-2016


March 28, 2016


Written by Bill Leavengood
Directed by Bonnie Agan

O’Owen, Pedro, Max – Jacob Barrens

Marty – Zach Dorn

Grace, Yuppie 2, Daphna, Computer Voice – Roxanne Fay

Bum- Bob Heitmann

Woman, Yuppie 1, Trish – Lisa Lippincott
Watt, Operator Voice – Maggie Romigh
Man, Agent, Jerry – David Warner

“The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin”

Written by Matt Cowley and Paul Wilborn

Sound Design – Matt Cowley

February 22, 2016

“Natchez Trace”


Bob Devin Jones

LeRoy Mitchell

Paula Barco

Jim Wicker

Sound Design – Matt Cowley

March 28, 2016

April 25, 2016

“Smokehouse” with Susan Alexander
“Can This Marriage Be Saved?” with Susan Alexander, Jacob Barrens, John Huls and Maggie Romigh
“Ostrich” with John Huls and Jim Wicker                                                                    “Bad Cat” with Bonnie Agan

written by James B. Rayfield
“She’s Leaving Home” with Bob Heitman, Maggie Romigh and JIm Wicker

written by Matt Cowley


May 23, 2016
“Al and Benny”
“Apology Accepted”
“Mistaken Identity”
“Girl with Gun”
written by Matt Cowley
“Eight Miles High”
written by Paul Wilborn
“The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin Cabaret Detective”
written by Matt Cowley and Paul Wilborn
Sound Design – Matt Cowley